Hello all!

Black Swans_Pysty_FINAL_RGBWe want to wish you all welcome to Black Swans’ website. We are a student association founded by Futures Studies students of the University of Turku. This site aims to provide information about our association and interesting content for our members.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Black Swans Election Meeting & Pre-Christmas

It is that time again: Black Swans Election Meeting where we select the board for the year 2017. Board members plan and organise the activities of the association. If you are at all interested in having an active role in the organisation, consider becoming a member of the board. After all, the more active board we have, the more active organisation we will have!

After the election meeting, the Black Swans Futures Consultancy meeting will take place. If you cannot be in Turku for the meetings but would like to participate via Skype, let Henna Heinäjärvi (hepahe@utu.fi) know before the meeting.

When the official part is over, it’s time for fun! The pre-Christmas Get-together will begin around 7 p.m. at the same place. There is a sauna at Parkki so bring a towel if you wish to use it. At the get-together we will prepare and eat together a vegetarian dinner (on the menu: green salad, bean tempeh, bean granola cookies, glögi). The expenses will be shared: if you want to take part in the dinner, RSVP to Marjukka Parkkinen (marjukka.s.parkkinen@utu.fi), the price will be somewhere between 7-10 euro.

Time: 24.11.2016 at 17:00
Place:Parkki upstairs, Parkinkatu 6, 20500 Turku
1. Opening the meeting, the legality of the meeting, and the presence of a quorum
2. Electing the chair for the meeting
3. Electing the secretary for the meeting
4. Electing two scrutinizers for the meeting minutes
5. Electing two vote counters
6. Electing the members for the board: chair, secretary, treasurer, and other members
8. Electing two action auditors/ financial auditors and their deputies
9. Other businesses
10. Closing the meeting


Black Swans Café

by Marjukka Parkkinen, photographs by Nick Balcom Raleigh

Black Swans participated in Restaurant Day with their very own pop-up café situated in a genuine student apartment living room. The menu consisted of Karelian pies with different toppings, sweet pastries, and coffee and tea. All dishes included a fortune cookie with lyrics quoted from songs about possible and preferable future. The event was a success in many ways, as there were about 70 guests. Also, the day and its preparation offered fun times to spend together. Thank you for guests and fellow students, and special greetings to our awesome young waitress!


Black Swans Café at Restaurant Day 21.2.!

Black Swans is participating in the next Restaurant Day on February 21st with a Café from noon till four p.m. On the menu there are Karelian pies with different toppings, sweet treats as well as coffee and tea. Each treat is served with a piece of future, so you don’t want to miss this one out!

When?: 21.2.2016, 12-16
Where?: Henrikinkatu 8 as 17, Turku

On the menu
Karelian pasties with different toppings
Mud cake mix
Citrus bits
Vegan brownies
Vegan & glutein free merengue cake
Coffee & Tea

Prices range from €1,5-3 and all profits go to our organisation.

Follow the Facebook event for more details. Welcome!