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Futures Research Consulting

Black Swans – Futures Studies Students of Turku offers consulting services to organizations and companies as Futures Research Consulting.

Surprising futures!

We help organisations to shape desirable futures. We facilitate change, offer new insights and fresh ideas based on our up-to-date knowledge on academic futures research.  

We have multidisciplinary educational backgrounds and on-the-ground experience with start-ups, foresight experts, futures research projects, and other key actors in the futures field.

Our team work is based on our playful, open approach to future.

The master’s degree program our member’s are currently enrolled in or graduated from, is one of few of its kind in the world and is globally recognized as one of the best in its field. Multi-academic teams have the latest knowledge, best practices in foresight and futures thinking.

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We would love to help you if you are planning a foresight project at your organisation. Get in touch with us and we’ll put together a tailored proposal that matches your specific requirements.